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Babun, Cmder and Tmux posted February 2015

I've used Cmder for a while on Windows. Which is a pretty terminal that brings a lot of tools and shortcuts from the linux world. I also have Chocolatey as packet manager. And all in all it works pretty great except Cmder is pretty slow.

I've ran into Babun yesterday, that seems to be kind of the same thing, but with zsh, oh-my-zsh and another packet manager: pact. The first thing I did was downloading tmux and learning how to use it. It works pretty well and I think I have found a replacement for Cmder =)

Here is a video of what is tmux:

and an awesome cheatsheet

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from a fellow tmux bro, ty. this rules.


added a little autohotkey script to give me that quake dropdown style console. doesn't have the slide down animation (yet) but still works a charm. good stuff!

Dan Gordon

You know you can open up Babun inside Cmder?


Did you try customising it? I can't get custom bindings (Ctrl+a instead of Ctrl+b) to work (in a ~/.tmux.conf)…


yup. Here is my .tmux.conf: https://gist.github.com/mimoo/55952e2dce8d421c0c34


I've never had any performance issue with cmder or conemu, I have about a dozen different tasks configured, with vim, sublime text and a lot of other custom .dotfiles. emd startup script. sounds strange it is slow

however I'll check this babun to give it a try



Are you still using it?

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