Here is a list of links I stumbled into and found interesting. Usually related to Crypto/Security although it could be anything. You can also suggest me something.

04/02/2016 03/30/2016
New cryptocat is out March 2016

The Trouble with Tor March 2016

03/29/2016 03/25/2016 03/22/2016
reverse of imessage by Quarkslab March 2016

Attack of the Week: Apple iMessage March 2016

03/17/2016 03/16/2016 03/15/2016 03/13/2016
What ISPs can see March 2016

How FPGAs work, and why you'll buy one March 2016

wire messaging app white paper March 2016

great explanation of SAML March 2016

hacking with LaTeX March 2016

Black Hat Europe 2015 Videos March 2016

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