Here is a list of links I stumbled into and found interesting. Usually related to Crypto/Security although it could be anything. You can also suggest me something.

04/10/2016 04/08/2016
The 3DS Cryptosystem April 2016

ECDLP in less than square-root time April 2016

Trivial birthday attacks against HMAC April 2016

old school division by zero April 2016

WhatsApp using end to end encryption! April 2016

04/04/2016 04/02/2016 03/30/2016
New cryptocat is out March 2016

The Trouble with Tor March 2016

03/29/2016 03/25/2016 03/22/2016
reverse of imessage by Quarkslab March 2016

Attack of the Week: Apple iMessage March 2016

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